Better bioavailability proven for active folates in FolicPlus®


Folates play a major role in stopping the neurological malfunction in children, and cardiovascular issues during development. Folate supplementation is recommended, especially in women in their reproductive period, with the goal of prevention neural tube defects development during pregnancy.

At this moment, only synthetically derived folate forms are available, while products containing calcium salts of folates are rare, and ONLY FolicPlus® contains the newest, 4th  generation form of active folates.

The main goal of this research was to compare substance bioavailability between folates from FolicPlus® and other folate sources available.

METHOD:  Active folate (5-MTHF) form level was measured from blood samples via HPLC.

PARAMETERS: Mayor pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated (Cmax, tmax, AUC).

REZULTS: It has been shown that a maximum concentration of active folates came from FolicPlus® supplements, that reached a  3.1 times higher level than any synthetic form of folic acid (281.5 ± 135.7 ng / mL), and a  1.8 times higher level than Ca-salts of folate (486.8±184.1 ng/mL).

FolicPlus® sources active folates remain up to 9.7 times longer in blood in comparison to synthetic folic acid (114,7 ng / ml ∙ h) and 1.12 times longer than Ca-salt of folates (997.6 ng/mL ∙ h).


FolicPlus® has been proven to have higher bioavailability in comparison to every other folate and folic acid forms available.

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