Expecting a baby? DO NOT „eat for two“!


Newest studies suggest that overeating during pregnancy may lead to gastric-system alterations. These modifications cause women, later in their lives, to absorb more calories from food which increases the risk of weight problems as a result.

Unfortunately, the old saying that states women can eat for two during child-bearing is untrue. Although it would be nice to have complete freedom during those nine months to enjoy chocolate, ice-cream and pastries, that is not exactly healthy for future moms and their newborns.

Many women have often wondered why losing weight falls so difficult after childbirth. Scietist believe they have an answer. It is considered to be due to gastric-system alterations during those nine months. These modifications cause women, later in their lives, to absorb more calories from food. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat „for two“ during that period.
Pregnant women should increase their daily calories intake by just 300 calories, (that equals to a glass of milk and half a sandwich). This is a real challenge, because in fact, a lot of nutrients needs to be absorbed from these additional 300 calories. Therefore, it is vital to eat smart.

  • Focus on fruit. Eat different kinds of it; being fresh, frozen, conserved, dried or squeezed (it is your choice).
  • Eat different kinds of vegetables. You should eat more dark greens, like broccoli, kale and other; orange veggies like carrots and pumpkin; beans, peas and lentils. Even frozen products are good for you, especially if frozen right after picking.
  • Take more calcium-rich food. Milk, yogurt and a bit of cheese each day.
  • Eat cereals every day.
  • Do not overdo it with proteins, but rather choose lean meat and poultry, and consume your daily protein allowance from multiple protein sources including fish, beans, peas, nuts and seeds.
  • Enjoy more walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts because they contain less fat and more essential nutrients.
  • Be aware of fat, salt and sugar intake limitations.

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