Folates and cognitive development in children

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Low folate levels in early pregnancy is connected with poor brain development and lower cognitive abilities in children 

New study results published in early 2016. Show a clear connection between folate intake and the anatomy of a child’s brain. Research presented in a scientific magazine of British Journal of Nutrition in the beginning of 2016. focused on effects of folate, homocysteine and Vitamin B12 levels during prenatal period, on baby’s cerebrum, its cognitive development and overall psychological function.

Research was a part of “Generation R” study, performed on almost 10.000 pregnant women over a period of time between 2002. and 2006. year.

The study have shown that folate deficiency in women during early childbearing has a long-lasting effect on the baby’s brain matter development. Folate deficiency is connected to a smaller brain circumference, poorer vocal capabilities and a weak spatial orientation in kids between 6 and 8 years of age.

Folate levels were measured in mothers involved Generation R. study. Levels of active 5-methyltetrahydrofolates were taken as reference. An exceptionally interesting result made was that 35.5% of mothers with low active folate levels measured also reported taking folate supplement of some kind.

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