Folates deficiency

Folates are a part of a vitamin group that is most readily deficient in our bodies.

Folic acid may be obtained through diet. Leafy vegetables contain folic acid (greens, kale, broccoli, green salad, cauliflower), lentils, peas, pumpkin, beans, green beans, raw carrot, tomattoes, paprika, strawberries… Other animal derived food stuff is also rich in folates, such as milk and diary products, egg yolk and liver.

Unfortunatelly, food derived folates are very unstable and prone to oxidation. They lose their activity very fast during storage and food processing, and have a bioavailability of 25-50% depending on the food source.

Fresh leafy vegetables stored in room temperatures may lose up to 70% of their folate activity in a course of three days, while cooking processes in water could increase this loss to 95%.

Due to all that we mentioned up to this point, and considering our modern way of living, it is very common that diet alone cannot supply sufficient quantities of this important vitamin, hence supplementation is needed.

Pregnancy and lactating

While intensive cell division is in place, folate requirements are higher, which  involves pregnancy as well. Studies have shown that low folate intake increases risk of several congenital defects in a newborn baby.  Leading the list of possible defects is the neural tube or placenta malformations, and poor fetus development.

During gestation period it is vital to begin supplementing folates as soon as possible, meaning right after child conception. It is a known fact that women often do not realize their pregnancy, so a high folate levels are recommended for at least a month prior conception, and a continual high level maintenance of folates during first trimester.

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