Spontaneous abortion and MTHFR

Zašto se dešavaju pobačaji kod trudnica

It is every woman’s dream to have a healthy baby and easy delivery. Pregnancy, natural and wonderful as it may be, can hold many complications.

It is often heard of women having multiple abortions with no idea what could have caused it. Other women give birth to babies with spina bifida or other congenital defects, despite following all the doctor’s recommendations, including taking folates readily. In many of these cases, the culprit is undiagnosed MTHFR deficiency, that has never been tested, or the results came back far too late.

What happens if I have this deficiency?

It means your body is less able to utilize folic acid. Instead, you will have increased abortion risk, as well as many other potential health issues: fatigue, headache, anxiety, depression and many more.

Symptoms are often not obvious, especially if the problematic gene was from just one parent (heterozygous). If you are homozygous, which implies the gene responsible for malformation was inherited from both biological parents, than this esential enzyme might function on a mere 30% capacity.

How do I know if I have MTHFR deficiency?

First of all you should know that in Serbia every other person develops this deficiency. Most women descovers it only after having more than one aborted pregnancies. After that, a doctor will probably recommends testing.

What can you do about it?

If you are aware of this deficiency, certain diet corrections may help. Sufficient folates intake in the period immediately before and right after conception helps prevent numerous birth defects.

Folates are very important for new cells’ formation, so it makes sense that during early days of pregnancy you need more of it. Folates are especially important for baby’s nervous system development, that begins to form in the first couple of weeks, often before mother is even aware she is carrying.

If a woman does not have sufficient folate reserve to aid this crucial phase of her baby’s development, spontanious abortion may occur during 6th or 7th week in. When that happens, many women blame themselves. They feel isolated and confused, wondering why their body is not able to bare pregnancy. But that is not their fault.

You need to have in mind that words „folate“ and „folic acid“ are often used as synonims, but possess significant differences between them.

Folate is a natural vitamin form. Spinach, lentils, beans and liver are a good source from diet. Folic acid is a synthetic form of this vitamin that is used in most supplements and enriched food stuff. If you have MTHFR deficiency you need to avoid folic acid because your body cannot tranform it into its active form that it can use. Too much of non-activated folic acid prevents movement of active form and as such, increases risk of elevated homocystein level, blood clotting, pre-eclampsia and abortion.

This does not mean you should not take folates. Look for supplements in your local drug-store that contain active form of folic acid, that is called active folate or 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. These products are completely safe and will protect you and your baby from many problems caused by MTHFR deficiency.

FolicPlus® provides and active form of folate that is immediately available for bilogical action (contrary to folic acid that must pass a number of steps before being transformed into its active form.) FolicPlus® has a 7 times greater bioavailability than regular folic acid. Numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies have shown its safety profile.

FolicPlus® is a gluten-free product that is manufactured in accordance with GMP standards which assures its quality. Therefore it is especially recommended in pre-natal period, as is during pregnancy and lactation.

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