Why FolicPlus capsules?

There are many side effects that can arise from folate deficiency during pregnancy. For every woman trying to get pregnant, even the thought of harelip or spina bifida is motivation enough for daily folic acid supplementation.

However, our body cannot utilize consumed sintetic folic acid. It needs to be converted, during a 4-step process, into an active form that our bodies can use. This active form is called 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5MTHF).

Studies have shown that every other woman in Serbia due to genetics is not able to fully use consumed folic acid and transform it into its active form.

FolicPlus® – The newest generation of Active Folate

FolicPlus® is a formulation that contains 400 µg of active folate and is recommended in pre-natal care, as is during pregnancy and
after-birth care

Seeing that FolicPlus® contains active folate (5 MTHF), every woman, no matter her genetic makeup, can use it at any moment.

FolicPlus® contains active folate of the newest generation that has  7 times greater bioavailability than regular folic acid.

Active folate from the product FolicPlus®  has been proven to reduce the level of homocystein, amino-acid that is often spoken about in connection with cardiovascular diseases, and more importantly, with the pregnancy complications. These complications may include:

  • Pre-eclampsia,
  • Low birth weight,
  • Miscarriage,
  • Repeated abortions,
  • Tearing of the placenta.
  • Provides active form of folate, immediately available for biological action.
  • Has 7 times greater bioavailability than regular folic acid.
  • Numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven its safety profile.
  • FolicPlus® is manufactured in accordance with GMP standards (guarantees quality).
  • FolicPlus® is a gluten-free product.
  • In a capsule of vegetable  origin.